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Hybrid working is here to stay. This once in a lifetime shift in how we work is enabling people to work more flexibly from more locations than ever before. And with it, the traditional working week has changed forever. When, where, and how you work is now up to you.

But the work tools we once relied on aren’t all adapting to help us thrive in this new way of working. Different tools are optimized for different locations, and having the right technology has become essential to working across dynamic spaces. To maximize your productivity and wellbeing in today’s world, you need hybrid-era equipment designed to seamlessly bridge your week between any type of work, in any place.

Upgrade your technology, and unlock the potential of hybrid working.


Off to a flying start

Mondays drive the momentum in any week. And most often, they’re fueled by meetings (and coffee). Whether it’s team stand-ups, a seat in the huddle-room or boardroom brainstorms, collaboration is what connects colleagues in hybrid work and pushes our productivity for the week ahead.

As we work across diverse locations, how we meet is more challenging than before, and making sure everyone is included has never been a higher priority. So it’s important to have upgraded tools designed for those who aren’t in the room, to allow everyone to communicate seamlessly and effectively, just as they would in person.

Jabra Speak 750

Keep the collaboration going, no matter where you and your team are located. With outstanding audio and crystal-clear 2-way sound, it allows everyone on the call to speak and be heard at the same time, for conversations that flow just as naturally as they do in real life.

Stop letting slow setups get in the way of your day and upgrade to instant office meetings with anyone, anywhere.


Keep it moving

It’s Tuesday and you’re on the road. From commuting, to meetings, to international travel, with hybrid working, we’re on the move now, more than ever. And with the right tools, you can continue collaborating seamlessly, no matter what your day holds. By choosing technology that’s been specifically optimized for these different environments, you can unlock greater productivity in those pockets of time that might have been lost before.

Upgrade your collaboration kit by adding a headset that allows you to take your professionalism with you wherever you go, and enjoy crystal-clear conversations no matter where your day takes you.

Jabra Evolve2 75

The latest addition to our world-leading Evolve Series, the Evolve2 75 is specifically engineered for hybrid working. With a discreet hideaway boom arm, it delivers outstanding call quality anywhere, and with the boom arm down in Performance Mode, it provides office-grade performance, no matter how noisy your surroundings are.

Make flexible days a possibility, with professional calls from anywhere.


Mixing it up

It’s Wednesday – halfway through the week, and time to escape the distractions of home with a latte in your local cafe. Or maybe even the local flexible co-working space. Wherever you decide to spend your day, one thing’s for sure: the headphones that do the job in your home office might not be up to the task of blocking out that noisy barista. You need a tool that’s been specifically designed and optimized to help you turn even the most unlikely location into a perfectly acceptable workspace.

Instantly access virtual meetings, block out distractions when you need to focus, and stretch your legs whenever you want to, with a wireless headset that can handle whatever your day throws at it.

Jabra Evolve2 65

Engineered to keep you agile, the Evolve2 65 is a wireless headset that’ll boost your productivity, however you’re working today. With industry-leading call performance, meeting Microsoft’s open office requirements, and noise-isolating memory foam ear cushions for an instant concentration boost anywhere.

Different locations call for different technology. Make sure you’ve got all bases covered.


Staying in the zone

It’s Thursday, and you’ve got a lot to accomplish before the end of the week. Whether you’re finishing off that report, tying up loose ends, or catching up with colleagues for status updates, it’s all about concentration and collaboration. And if your device isn’t optimized for your location, you won’t be as productive.

Luckily, we’ve got the perfect tool for the job, so whether you’re in and out of calls or head down in something that requires your full attention, you’ll get the performance and concentration you need.

Jabra Evolve2 85

This headset is the ultimate companion when you’ve got a busy day and a full to-do list. With powerful Active Noise Cancellation (ANC) when you need to focus, industry-leading call quality for your meetings, and a range of other advanced and intelligent features, it’ll have you storming your tasks in record time.


Make yourself clear

It’s Friday and you’re on the home stretch. While some people take it easy on a Friday, you’ve got a full day of meetings ahead, which you’ll take from the home office. Make sure there’s absolutely nothing stopping you from landing your point, with an advanced personal camera that’s designed to keep you looking as sharp as you sound.

Win that big pitch, nail that performance review, and ace that presentation, without worrying about whether they’re seeing the best version of you.

Jabra PanaCast 20

This personal video conferencing camera is powered by AI, to deliver the most outstanding remote meeting experience, wherever you’re dialing in from. 4K Ultra-HD picture quality, Personalized Intelligent Zoom, and Intelligent Lighting Optimization allows you to focus on your meeting, while this clever camera takes care of everything else.

Add high-quality personal video to your toolkit, and take the boardroom with you everywhere you go.

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